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The New Single from Christie Lamb

Damn Best - The New Single out Now from Christie Lamb

The new single for Christie Lamb showcases Christie at her “Damn Best”.

The catchy feel good track showcases Christie’s storytelling, hooky melodies, powerhouse vocals, along with her country swagger and is sure to be a big hit for Christie.


“Damn best is all about what it means to be country. It’s about values and how often it’s the simplest things in life that bring us the most joy and make life so much better. This one goes out to the honest, hardworking, everyone’s your mate, kind of country fans”.


“I wrote this song on my Nashville trip last year and it was one of my favourite co-writes I’ve ever had, as well as the quickest. There was such a good feeling in the air and I just love the feel good, down to earth vibe of this song”.


“This song feels like a country anthemic sing along which I really love. I’ve always loved the toe tapping groove of this song and it makes me so excited to know that soon we will be playing it live, bringing it to country music fans who share the same values and country frame of mind as I do.”


CLICK HERE to download and stream ‘Damn Best’ on your favourite music platform NOW! 

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